COVID-19 Test Price Limit in Indonesia

2020-07-21T15:03:15+08:00 July 21st, 2020|Insight, Medical Regulation Updates, News & Events|
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A COVID-19 test price limit has been introduced in Indonesia for Rapid Antibody Test Kits by the Director General of Health Services of the Ministry of Health (MOH). The official circular issued on 6th July 2020 has been primarily introduced to avoid price variations in test kits for the public who personally request an independent test in order to obtain a COVID-19 free certificate for travel purposes.

The COVID-19 test price limit for rapid antibody tests has been set at IDR 150,000 (roughly equivalent to USD 10-11) and applies to all health services which provide rapid antibody tests independently.

With a clear price limit in place, the public is guaranteed more transparency and easier access to Rapid Antibody Test examination services. This is of particular importance for people who travel to and from Jakarta city as they must provide an Exit and Entry Permit Letter (SIKM) together with a COVID-19 free certificate. This certificate can be issued by health services such as private hospitals, clinics or laboratories that have carried out a COVID-19 test on the person concerned.

Due to the requirement for a COVID-19 free certificate, many people have requested independent rapid antibody examinations at private health facilities at widely varying prices. The introduction of a maximum retail price was deemed necessary to provide clarity and certainty for both the public as well as providers of Rapid Antibody Test examination services.

COVID-19 testing remains available at Government health facilities for those people who have been in close contact with a positive case or the person themself is a suspect case, i.e. Government health facilities cannot be used for testing simply to obtain a certificate for travel purposes.

Click here to read the full circular on the COVID-19 test price limit in Indonesia for Rapid Antibody Tests.

Regarding sanctions, the Ministry of Health has not yet established concrete sanctions related to violations of the rapid test retail price limit. The Ministry of Health will look further into various aspects related to pricing, both in terms of the community, health care facilities, medical personnel, distributors, and providers of rapid test equipment.

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