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Business development services for medical devices and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices in Southeast Asia

Let Andaman Medical support you in your expansion into Southeast Asian medical markets – we’ll support you through each phase of your business strategy

Let our business strategy consultants do the primary research to validate your medical device or IVD product within the medical markets of Southeast Asia. We have an excellent working knowledge of the medical device industry and can provide you with the latest up-to-date information to enable you to make critical decisions on how best to enter the ASEAN markets or to expand existing product sales in Southeast Asia.
Our experienced staff will perform the due diligence needed on end consumers, current competitors and suppliers. They will undertake local market research, speaking directly with local experts in the field to gather essential market intelligence to support business development in Southeast Asia.
We can help medical device and IVD device companies carry out comprehensive medical market research by speaking directly with local experts in the field. Our business development consulting services can support you at every stage of your business development process, from distributor searches and manufacturer audits to market research and sourcing.

It takes time to learn about new markets – is it time that you put our 15 years of experience in the medical device industry to good use?

Distributor Searches

Distributors are a critical link to medical device and IVD product sales in ASEAN medical markets. Unfortunately, many distributors may not have the necessary infrastructure or logistical support to successfully supply and distribute your medical device or IVD products.

Let our qualified staff do the necessary “foot work” that is required to select the best medical device distributor in Southeast Asia for your products

We will ask the right questions and perform extensive due diligence to find the most appropriate medical distributor to support the distribution of your IVD or medical device products in Southeast Asia. By having Andaman Medical act as your legal representative, you maintain an independent relationship with your medical device consultant/distributors/partners and retain full control of your product registrations.

Manufacturer Auditing

Our certified lead auditors will audit your suppliers as part of your supplier evaluation program. They will develop relevant audit checklists and deliver comprehensive audit reports showing how your supplier meets both your product and quality system requirements.

Medical Device Business Development Services – FAQ

Despite the downturn in the global economy, the medical device market in Southeast Asia is growing faster than more developed and mature medical device markets in other parts of the world. Health expenditure has risen steadily over the last few years and we have observed an increase in social and political priority for healthcare in nearly all ASEAN countries. Market growth is also attributed to the fact that governments are focussed in cutting costs associated with medical devices trading in the region.

Healthcare remains a priority for most ASEAN governments. For example, in Malaysia the manufacturer of medical devices and related products are categorised as “promoted activities” and the following tax incentives are available for the medical industry:

  • Incentives for manufacturing companies
  • Incentives for Hi-Tech companies
  • Incentives for strategic projects
  • Incentives for research and development
  • Incentives for operational headquarters
  • Incentives for international procurement centres/regional distribution centres
  • Incentives for medical device testing laboratories

Example of incentives for manufacturing activities in Malaysia:

  • Pioneer status with income tax exemption of 70% or 100% on statutory income for a period of 5 years, or
  • Investment tax allowances of 60% or 100% on qualifying capital expenditure incurred for a period of 5 years, (to be offset against 70% or 100% of the statutory income); or reinvestment allowance of 60% on qualifying capital expenditure (to be offset against 70% of the statutory income) for 15 consecutive years.

Supplier evaluation is often seen as an significant cost in any quality management system. Indeed, travelling from the US to evaluate a supplier based in Indonesia can be quite expensive and time consuming. Appointing an independent and certified auditor who is already on-site may be a more cost-effective option for a manufacturer. Of course, you’d need to create a detailed audit plan together with the selected auditor to ensure that you capitalize on the assignment and obtain a comprehensive audit report with correct CAPA identification.